Weaver Bros., Inc. Donates to Hospice of Darke County

Weaver Bros., Inc. donates thousands of dollars a year to the Hospice of Darke County in Ohio. The Hospice works with terminally ill people in an attempt to ease as much of their pain as possible. They utilize various therapies both mental and physical in order to accomplish their goals. The facility that they use can handle hundreds of patients at a time and provide a variety of options for patients to ease their pain. Weaver eggs have contributed to the success of this hospice. The revenue that Weaver eggs generates has created a vast amount of success for Weaver Bros., Inc. This success has led to a high amount of revenue for the company. Even though the company requires much of that revenue to keep functioning as one of America’s leading agribusinesses, it is still able to provide generous donations to various organizations like the Hospice of Darke County.

Tim Weaver is the CEO of Weaver Bros., Inc. and he makes donating to groups in need a priority of his company. Organizations like the Hospice of Darke County rely heavily on donations in order to operate on a yearly basis. The revenue that Weaver eggs generate has allowed Weaver Bros., Inc. to donate large amounts of money to the hospice in order to continue its operations. This allows a vast amount of relief to the many patients who would normally spend their lives in a great amount of pain outside of the hospice. The staff, volunteers, doctors, and nurses all appreciate the generous donations made by Weaver Bros., Inc. They are thankful that the sale of Weaver eggs has helped them in many unexpected ways. Tim Weaver is thankful for the opportunity to do what he knows is right for so many of his local friends and neighbors who are in constant pain.


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