Weaver Eggs and the Miami University Farmer School of Business

Weaver eggs are a delicious and nutritious product that produces and is distributed by Weaver Bros., Inc. The company is a generations-old facility located in Ohio that has been producing eggs for many happy consumers locally and nationally. The company has won many awards and certifications and has been recognized by countless organizations for its contributions to agribusiness and to egg producers everywhere. Tim Weaver is the CEO of Weaver Bros., Inc. and he is proud of the company that his ancestors built. He spent his life making sure that the company is always in good hands and the proper procedures are enacted every day. This leads to a high quality product known as Weaver eggs, and it ensures that all of the people that run the company are as safe as possible. Tim Weaver is not satisfied unless he knows that Weaver Bros., Inc. is operating at the highest efficiency possible while being as safe as they can.

This is part of the reason why Tim Weaver decided to join the board of the Miami University Farmer School of Business. Tim Weaver feels that the success of Weaver eggs and his company has taught him a great deal about agribusiness. He knows that the experiences that he has had need to be shared to as many young and aspiring farmers and producers as possible. Every year, Tim Weaver brings his knowledge and expertise to the board to help them make important decisions that can have a huge impact on the present and future of agribusiness and business in general. He is a highly respected member of the board and knows that he has gained this respect due to the success of Weaver eggs and his company. Tim Weaver gives a lot but he also gets a lot in return, as being on the board teaches him new things as well.


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