Weaver Eggs Are Certified by United Egg Producers – TOO FLOWERY???

Weaver Bros., Inc. is a successful agribusiness in Ohio that produces Weaver eggs. It is their bestselling product that goes out to countless supermarket stores, restaurants, bakeries, and other types of organizations. Weaver eggs go out all over Ohio and other parts of the country. Weaver eggs have been produced, sold, and consumed for four generations of Weavers. This is why the United Egg Producers have decided to certify Weaver Bros., Inc. for their hard work and dedication over the many years since they were founded. The United Egg Producers do not make these decisions lightly as they know that when they certify a company like Weaver Bros., Inc., they are making a promise to the public that the products produced by certified companies are safe and healthy to purchase and consume.

Tim Weaver is the CEO of Weaver Bros., Inc. and he is delighted to know that his company is certified by the United Egg Producers. He and his family of employees have worked hard throughout the years to ensure that their product, Weaver eggs are of the highest quality possible. Time Weaver ensures that his employees are treated with respect and that they are able to use the safest, most up to date machines available to agribusinesses of their kind. This is a very large part behind the United Egg Producers decision to certify Weaver Bros., Inc. The United Egg Producers study each business carefully in order to make their determination of which businesses can be certified. Learning of how Tim Weaver and Weaver Bros., Inc. treats their employees is one factor behind their decision. However, the number one determining factor behind Weaver Bros., Inc. becoming certified by the United Egg Producers is the high quality Weaver eggs produced at their facility. Were it not for Weaver eggs, no certification would ever have been possible.


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