Weaver Eggs Donated to Ohio Food Bank

Weaver Bros., Inc. donates Weaver eggs to the Ohio Food Bank each and every year. The Ohio Food Bank is an organization that relies on the generosity and care of the people and businesses that are willing and able to donate time, money, and food. Without generous organizations, the Food Bank would not be able to function as it does. Each year, thousands of hungry or starving people utilize the Ohio Food Bank in order to survive. These people have families that would not be fed were it not for the Ohio Food Bank. The Ohio Food Bank is especially grateful to Weaver Bros., Inc. for their generous donations of Weaver eggs each year. These eggs go a very long way to feed mothers, fathers, children, and more who are starving. Because of Weaver eggs, these people will live another day not having to suffer the pain and humiliation of starvation.

Tim Weaver is the CEO of Weaver Bros., Inc. and is aware of just how vital it is to donate Weaver eggs to The Ohio Food Bank and other characters around the community. He realizes just how lucky he is in life not to have to worry about where his next meal will come from, so he makes sure that he can help as many people as possible with his yearly donations of Weaver eggs to the Ohio Food Bank. Weaver eggs are a regular part of many Ohio consumers’ breakfasts, but thanks to the generosity of Weaver Bros., Inc., the same Weaver eggs can be a part of breakfasts for those who might only eat once a day. Beyond donations of Weaver eggs, Tim Weaver has expanded the generosity of Weaver Bros., Inc. by actually extending additional funds to the Ohio Food Bank as well as encouraging his employees to volunteer to the food bank as well.


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