Ohio Grocers Association Honors Weaver Eggs

Weaver eggs are a celebrated food product in Ohio and many other parts of the country. Weaver Bros., Inc. has been in operation for four generations and has produced Weaver eggs since it began. Tim Weaver, the company’s current CEO, has done much to improve upon the company since his ascension to the position. He has made sure to keep the facilities clean and up to date with the safest equipment that money can buy. He is concerned for the safety of the employees who produce Weaver eggs and knows that safer equipment means a higher quality product. The company has had great success over the years with the sale of Weaver eggs. The revenue that it receives helps the business to constantly improve itself and it has made the Weaver family the success it is today. However, Tim Weaver also makes it a priority to donate portions of Weaver eggs profits to various charities. The company also donates money to hospices and other organizations. Additionally, each year Weaver eggs are donated to food banks that help bring food to the poor and starving people of Ohio. It is for these reasons, and many more, that the Ohio Grocers Association has recently honored Weaver Bros., Inc. and Weaver eggs.

Tim Weaver was present at the ceremony that the Ohio Grocers Association put on. The association was pleased to honor Weaver eggs for being a product that was constantly rated number one among other similar products by the community. The association was also there to honor Weaver eggs for their overall quality, nutrition, and taste. They recognize that Weaver eggs represent a company that, for many years, has been a true leader in the poultry industry and thanked them for being a shining example in agribusiness, environmental practices, and humane animal treatment.


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