Weaver Bros., Inc. Receives Golden Egg Award

The Golden Egg Award is designed to recognize companies in the poultry and egg producing industries that stand out above the rest to become industry leaders. These are the kinds of companies that have been around for many years constantly producing products of quality, nutrition, and delicious taste. These companies not only stand out for amazing profits and high sales, but they stand out because they become a part of the community that they are based out of. Tim Weaver is the CEO of Weaver Bros., Inc. His company produces Weaver eggs, an egg product that is beloved by many Americans across many state lines. He was very pleased to receive the Golden Egg Award recently and explained why he felt his company ‒ Weaver eggs ‒ deserved the award.

Weaver Bros., Inc. is a company based out of Ohio that has been operating for four generations. It is their number one goal to produce the finest Weaver eggs product that they can. It is also their goal that while producing Weaver eggs they remain the best in their industry by having the least amount of work-related accidents, the lowest amount of product loss, and lowest impact on the environment as they possibly can. They also try to make sure that all Weaver eggs are as delicious and nutritious as possible and are constantly striving to improve upon their existing procedures and practices in order to produce an even better product. Tim Weaver believes that these are the reasons why Weaver Bros., Inc. and Weaver eggs are extremely deserving of the Golden Egg Award. As recipients of the award, Tim Weaver is confident that this will only spur the company to continue to strive for the best. This means that Weaver eggs will only improve as the procedures, employees, and equipment improve ever more.


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