Environmental Stewardship Award Given to Weaver Bros., Inc.

Weaver Bros., Inc. has been given the Environmental Stewardship Award for their safe production of Weaver eggs. This award goes to businesses that utilize practices and procedures that ensure the safety of the environment. Companies that receive this award are also those that have the latest equipment that is capable of production on a level that does not interfere with environmental safety guidelines. A company that is eligible to receive this award will do all that they can to make sure that the people under their employ do not lend to further environmental damage in unnecessary ways. Weaver Bros., Inc. has been given this award because their production of Weaver eggs meet the criteria as laid out by the Environmental Stewardship organization.

Tim Weaver, the CEO of Weaver Bros. Inc. is pleased to accept the Environment Stewardship Award as it has been his long time goal to prove to environmental organizations that Weaver eggs are produced in a way that diminishes environmental impact as much as possible. Tim Weaver and his many associates at Weaver Bros., Inc. has invested a lot of time and money into developing the practices that they use every day at their facility. These practices involve using machinery that has been rated as the safest and environmentally-conscious products on the market. Tim Weaver makes sure that every employee at Weaver Bros., Inc. is highly trained to use the equipment properly, and that any waste product that is generated is disposed of in a way that is of minimal impact on the environment. This is important for Tim Weaver, as he wants to make sure that his company runs as efficiently as possible without causing damage to his beloved home town of Ohio. His friends, family, and loved ones live there and he wants to make sure they have a clean future.


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