Recognition of Weaver Eggs by Ohio House of Representatives

The Ohio House of Representatives has recently recognized Weaver Bros., Inc. and their produce Weaver eggs as one the most outstanding businesses in Ohio. Weaver eggs have been produced by Weaver Bros., Inc. for four generations. It has been a large part of the success of Ohio’s agribusiness in general, but especially in egg products. The company has been able to use their success in selling Weaver eggs by giving back to the community, as well as teaching future generations the secrets behind their success. Tim Weaver is the CEO of Weaver Bros., Inc. and was on hand at the event in which the House of Representatives honored the company. Tim Weaver was extremely proud to explain to those in attendance why his company has been active for so many generations and how they have been able to produce such a quality product.

Tim Weaver explained that for as many Weaver eggs sold, the company makes sure to give a percentage of their sales back to the community. This has a special symbiotic relationship between Weaver eggs and the community. The people of Ohio know that Weaver eggs help them in their daily lives as they are a part of their diet; however they also know that Weaver Bros., Inc. is extremely generous to various charities, hospices, and food drives. This provides a great deal of good will that helps to ensure that Ohio consumers go back to Weaver eggs time and again. This allows Weaver Bros., Inc. the comfort of knowing they will always have the respect from their consumers and the revenue that generates. Weaver eggs require a great deal of money in order to attain its level of quality. Much of the revenue goes into ensuring that Weaver Bros., Inc. has the best facilities and equipment available to produce the cleanest, healthiest, and most delicious Weaver eggs possible.


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