Weaver Bros., Inc. Donate Historical Items

Tim Weaver is the CEO of the extremely successful agribusiness known as Weaver Bros., Inc. This Ohio-based business is well known for its production of the nutritious and delicious Weaver eggs. The people of Ohio are huge fans of Weavers eggs, which has led the company to a great deal of success for four generations. Tim Weaver has worked very hard to maintain the success of the company since his rise to power. He has made sure to keep the quality of the product up while also ensuring that the facility that produces Weaver eggs is always clean and efficient, utilizing up to date equipment. He also makes sure that Weaver eggs are produced in a way that is safe for his employees and the environment. Weaver Bros., Inc. has been recognized by many organizations associated with agribusiness, as well as the Ohio House of Representatives and its governor. The company has also received many awards for its safe practices, quality products, and humane treatment of animals. It’s obvious that Tim Weaver has a passion for agribusiness; something that is matched by his love of historical artwork and artifacts.

For as long as Tim Weaver has been selling Weaver eggs, he’s been collecting rare and priceless works of art and artifacts. He has an impressive art collection of his own, but he loves visiting the Versailles Area Historical Society and Museum. With so many rare and interesting pieces in his collection, Tim Weaver felt it was time to share some of his more interesting pieces with the rest of the world. So, in 2013, Tim Weaver donated various historical artifacts on behalf of Weaver Bros., Inc. and Weaver eggs. Tim Weaver is excited to know that so many of his friends in the community will be able to enjoy the pieces now, as he has been able to.

Weaver Eggs

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